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“there is no cooking process in which the results are as uncertain as when making coffee; and there is certainly no other process in which every small variation produces such different effects”. (Benjamin Thompson, 1753-1814)

We were both profoundly captivated by this quote of the eclectic Count Rumford.

Unlike tea, preparing a good coffee has never been easy. The perfect cup of coffee is the blend of a quality ingredient and the use of machine that enhances flavors and scents of the ground.

In more than four centuries, many people have devoted themselves to the pursuit of the “perfect machine” that could produce the best results. From this inventive fervor, our story begins.

Ingenium Caffè is born from the synergy between two top experts in the field, moved by the strong passion and desire to share their knowledge.

Ingenium Caffè does not explore the preparation of the beverage as food, nor the technical alchemy of roasting and grinding.

Ingenium Caffè analyzes, through history, documents, patents and photography, the inventive and technological spirit of the “coffee rite”, in addition to the birth and evolution of the many incredible devices created and experimented “just” to drink a good coffee.

The photographic story of each single coffee maker, personally edited from the filming to the presentation by the authors, will help to make every object interesting and exhaustive, and may even arouse that much curiosity to contact us for further, personalized information.

Ingenium Caffè is the perfect place for those who want to know more, understand how a coffee maker works, or its rarity; For those who are simply curious to discover an unexpected world of our history and culture; For those who want to be enthused with the knowledge of over one thousand objects – witnesses gathered in our personal collections and presented in these pages.

Buon caffè a tutti!

Mauro e Marco